Wedding and wedding gown. 3 key things you must to know when you are going wedding dress shopping

One of the most welcome days in girl life is the day when you are going wedding dress shopping. That day you know that in the near future your life will change and you will be the luckiest girl in the whole world. And of course! On your finger is glistening your engagement ring. That is pretty amazing, right? You heart beating, hands shaking and your knees bending. That is normal! You are going wedding dress shopping! We want gave to you 3 tips, which is very important on your wedding dress shopping day. Don’t forget that!

1. The right underwear
Yes, yes we talking about your lingerie. This thing is very important and have a lot of influence on you gown looks. It is like a first step, foundation and walls of the house. You have to bring a really good strapless bra, or bra with a corset. If you want that your shape looks tighter you can bring the Spanx. The Spanx is very good solution if you want embellish your look.

2. You favorite shoes
Shoes are as important as your underwear. Let’s me explain. You know that moment when you wearing a dress, but you did not have the right shoes? Any one pair did not fit with that amazing dress! This is the same thing. If you want that your whole view looks amazing, you must have the right shoes. The wonderful shoes also make you feel good and self confident.
I want to say that you have to bring shoes which is very similar to those shoes you will wear on your wedding day.

3. An open minded
At least but not last important thing is an open minded. When you are going wedding dress shopping you have to forget all preconception and your dream gown view. Do not be afraid to trust the wedding dress specialist and consultant. They know their job. They offers to you the best options, but you must not resist. Let the specialist work they job and you will be surprised!

Author: SANTA salon

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