TOP 5 reasons why Marine Surveys and Services Ltd. is successful in the shipping industry

Experienced owner

Arvydas Bogocionkas, an experienced marine consultant had worked in the shipping industry for nearly 30 years. From shipmate to General Director of a shipping company, Arvydas has earned respect and prestige in the industry by specializing in ship inspections, pre-purchase surveys, ship management and operations, etc. Most importantly, Arvydas is known for solving critical problems related to technical issues with port states, flag authorities, classification societies and underwriters.

International community

Arvydas belongs to a global network of Surveyors, established by MACOSNAR Corporation Panama, and is recognized as an Exclusive Surveyor, in purpose of upholding professionalism, responsibility, experience and excellent attention to the ship consultancy services. In similar spirit, Arvydas also belongs to a globally recognized network of non-Exclusive surveyors of Cook Islands Ship Registry. Furthermore, Arvydas is a specialist in registration and statutory certification in his home market - Baltic States - and the European part of Russia.

Good focus

“My focus is on effectiveness, performance and budget.” - Arvydas Bogocionkas. When at work, any customer will find that Arvydas has a very independent, personal approach on every case and responds quickly to his clients’ needs. Operating on 24/7 basis, Marine Surveys and Services Ltd. can efficiently provide accurate pre-purchase and ship condition surveys with competitive rates, instant reports with photographic evidence and next-step suggestions.

Problem solving approach

“I can bring this experience to my customers’ projects to ensure smooth operations and solve critical issues between involved parties.” - Arvydas Bogocionkas. In terms of technical ship management, Marine Surveys and Services Ltd., with Arvydas at the steering wheel, is able to minimise customer’s operational costs and maintain a technically sound fleet. This is achieved through setting appropriate management system and standards, monitoring and audit of maintenance procedures, attending dry-docking and specifying the appropriate repairs, estimating and providing full control of the budget and more.

Business networking

Marine Surveys and Services Ltd. maintains close cooperation with shipyards and is able to provide shipbuilding and repairs, with thorough on-site ship supervision, compilation, evaluation and review of contract specifications, handling and procurement of spare parts and much more.

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Author: Evelina Tamulaitiene

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