Gambling Partners present: Top 5 things to know while gambling

Gambling is an amazing thing. It really is. Bet on the results of your favourite sports you know so well and get paid for it. That‘s a greap concept! However, there are numerous reasons why bookies still make loads of profit. There are people who do numerous mistakes and allow the gambling sites to live and thrive. Here in Gambling Partners, we not only offer you the best gambling offers there are to find, we also want to help you find the right way to bet and win. This is our version of Gambling for Dummies. Let‘s go – here are top five things to know while gambling.


Let‘s say you‘ve got ten pounds to use for betting. Brilliant! Accumulators are one of the greatest ways to use your knowledge and go straight to the jackpot. Many of us may have already seen or at least heard of examples of someone making huge cash out of a fiver. There‘s a reason everyone is so amazed about them. They happen rarely and it‘s a serious deal when they turn out right. Doing a combination of seven or eight different events nearly guarantees that at least one of them will fail you and you‘ll be left with nothing. It can easily go wrong, sport is unpredictable, that is why we love it and that is how gambling industry survives! Stick with the maximum of five bets, if you‘re looking for profit. And if you‘re feeling cheeky, you can go for more – but that will be nothing but a lottery ticket.


So, the bet did not come off? Lost a good chunk of your hard earned money? If you just thought “You know what’s a good option? I’ll go and put another bet on some other event right away so I’ll break even in no time!” we’ll have to cut you off and stop you right there. No. You don’t want this. Stay in your position and never do bets out of passion. Passion starts wars, cold mind and tactics win them. If you lost, go back to the drawing board and come up with something better. Something smart.


Just when you think you‘re ready to promote yourself to a higher league, you‘re probably very, very wrong. This is bread and butter of every self respecting gambling site. Winning a few good bets often results in betting with biggers sums, going for some crazy events, booking a Hawaii holiday and waiting for everything to come right. Spoiler alert: it rarely ever does. Go for the odds you know and for the sums you do most of the time – so it wouldn‘t be the end of the world if you lose. Gambling has to be fun, and losing everything after a good run is far away from the definition of that.


“I am really just a football guy…Never really watched anyth-ooh, what’s that? A great hockey bet, they say it’s great value! Let’s do it!”

EEENH! This is a sound a horn makes when you go for a bad decision, thank you for noticing. You don’t do this kind of thing. You just don’t. And here’s why: would you ever allow a plumber to do you brain surgery? If you answered affirmatively, then you could probably use it. However, you shouldn’t. Always stick by your guns and bet only for the sports and events you really know. If you’re a hockey nut, go for hockey. If you love Premier League, stay in the Premier League. Even different leagues can be really different, know what you’re betting your money on.


And for the last thing, we should get it straight. What are bookies? These are companies offering you bets. These are companies making money out of people who are not good at betting. If you have one bookie you use all the time, you are in some seriously twisted relationship right there. It‘s only a matter of profit, isn‘t it? Grass might actually be greener on the other side of the fence. 5/6 might not look much more than 3/4 but if you‘re going at it with an accumulator or if you‘re betting big, this might be quite an offer. Same goes with some special gambling offers. There are some great free bets for new accounts. Why wouldn‘t you take a chance? “But where can I find those offers?” Glad you asked. They’re right here, in Gambling Partners.

This concludes the top five things to know if you’re going to gamble. Go easy on the accumulators, don’t bet out of passion, know your limits, bet only on the events you know, and lastly – don’t forget that it is all about what a bookie can offer for you and not what can you offer for him. Stay sharp, stay dedicated and win some money. And for some great tips to maximize your profit, make sure to check out what Gambling Partners can offer you.

Author: Evelina Tamulaitiene

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Gambling Partners present: Top 5 things to know while gambling

Gambling is an amazing thing. It really is. Bet on the results of your favourite sports you know so well and get paid for it. That‘s a greap concept! However, there are numerous reasons why bookies still make loads of profit. There are people who do numerous mistakes and allow the gambling sites to...